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Zerodha Pi ( π ) – Review, Features & Download

Hi Traders, Do you want to know what is Zerodha, what should they offer or anything information about Zerodha trading?
Then you can skip this article and find out somewhere else for those useless pieces of information.
Here I am going to share my personal experience with you as Zerodha Trading Tutorial about the Zerodha Trading Platform. You can take it as my personal review on Zerodha trading platform.

Zerodha Treading Platform

Before I am expressing my experience, I love to share some valuable details about Zerodha platform which helps beginners to understand the trading world very easily.

The headline is not a perfect match which I want to say! Sorry about that! But what you do with the definition of any trading company, rather than the actual review.
Just hang on with me a few minutes, I promise you to utilize your valuable time for a big!
Let’s go for practical knowledge which helps you in your trading life.

Available Zerodha trading Platforms

Zerodha provides you the most useful 3 trading platforms using which you can become a great trader in the future. Because any other place you can’t get the advantages which I discuss below. So, what I say, the three platforms are,

  1. Zerodha Kite Application.
  2. Zerodha Kite Web.
  3. Zerodha PI Software.

Now I am explaining one by one with my personal experience which should know all new traders, also who thinking to propose Zerodha trading.

1. Zerodha Kite Application

Our digital life is feeling handicraft without a smartphone. Zerodha thinks about it and introduces ZERODHA KITE APP for mobile traders who have no time to stick with the system (Laptop or Desktop). On the other hand, Zerodha Kite app is like an ocean for thirsty traders who can’t afford a laptop to trade daily.

  • Zerodha Kite App for Android [ Download ]

I know, now the time to explain the technique which helps you to become an expert with Zerodha Kite application. I did the work for you in previous! You must read the article below before setup your next trade.

[ How To Use Zerodha Kite App [ Tutorial ] ]

Wait guys, that tutorial not going to anywhere, at first finish the article which you reading now. It provides you much interesting and valuable knowledge about successful trading.

2. Zerodha Kite Web

Zerodha Kite Web as same as the Kite mobile application, but on the large display. This platform user generally love to simplicity and easy to work in their trading life.
To use Kite Web Platform, nothing need to download anymore. If you use the internet, obviously a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera pre-installed in your system. Now go to the open kite.zerodha.com in your web browser and feel the simplest trading way, which I also prefer for advanced traders who need to analysis technically.

3. Zerodha PI Platform

PI Platform is the core of Zerodha trading [ Download ].

Absolutely! A large number of traders say that. I agree with them, but personally, I do not wish to become a boyfriend of Zerodha Pi Platform, because of the complexity. It may be very helpful for other traders where I can’t work with Pi. The first problem is installing. Whenever you install it in your laptop/desktop after sometimes refuse to log in. After successful login, it is showing you much more options to trade, which confused me when I was a beginner. So I break up with Pi and move on.

Let’s talk about another thing which I love as a Zerodha Trader.

Advantages Zerodha Trading Platform

After using some another trading platforms (I don’t like to expose) find out that Zerodha Trading Platform is the best trading platform for beginners as well as professional traders.

Zerodha Platform provides you the maximum facilities than other trading platforms. Here I discuss some valuable points because of these every trader crazy about to open an account with Zerodha. Let’s see.

  1. Great trading platform with technical analysis chart.
  2. More than 100 indicators available here, which helps you to decide your trade.
  3. Absolutely zero brokerage charge for delivery trading.
  4. 0.01% brokerage charges for intraday trading (maximum charges are Rs 20 for a trade).
  5. Bracket Order and Cover Order (BO & CO) facilities available in Zerodha platforms.

Zerodha trading Charges

As you are a beginner trader and not a huge & huge amount to invest in the stock market, just know only two things about Zerodha trading charges,

  • No charges for your Normal/CNC order and the second is
  • Maximum Rs 20 charges for MIS order.

If you wish to know the Zerodha trading charges full policy kindly check the link below.



Zerodha Pi ( π ) – Review, Features & Download
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