Stop Loss Order provide me the way which calls success! But at the time of the beginning of my share market life, I was a big loser because I couldn’t find out the best Stop Loss Strategy at that time of my life. Now which I go to discuss with you, each n every single word is practical, which I feel and observe in my stock market trading life. I hate theoretical speech which didn’t work for me anytime!

Stop Loss Order & Strategy
Stop Loss Order Is The Life Line Of Your Capital In Stock Market Trading

Dear friends, don’t go for earning, at first you have to learn why maximum traders fail to get profit in share market and day by day facing losses?
Forgot all the things about profit or loss, read this story written by me to save your life by understanding the value of Stop Loss Order!

Stop Loss Strategy : Why Needed

When a person starts to walk on the way which called stock market trading, he doesn’t know about any critical situation like me. New traders only think and dreaming about profit, profit & profit!

Dear friends, don’t go for earning, at first you have to learn why maximum traders fail to get profit in share market and day by day facing losses?
Forgot all the things about profit or loss, read this story written by me to save your life by understanding the value of Stop Loss Order!

Beginning Of Story

Once upon a time in India, there was a king (imagine yourself as the king) who have all the positive things like positive thoughts, positive behavior as well as fully positive about his kingdom.
The brave king easily wins all the battles in his life due to his willpower.

Achievements in Life

The brave king got a life partner as he wishes to god. After sometimes he becomes a father of a prince and a princess. His life was covered by happiness.
The most beautiful and glorious fact about the king was when he owns a battle, he did not punish the rival king rather than he wishes to friendship with him and just take a little TAX from him every year as a winner.

Greedy About Profit Without Perfect Strategy

Now the twist coming soon!
The king wishes to become a Royal Indian King. He wins almost every kingdom in India but tills now some are not. He wishes to become the head of the all Indian kings madly and he goes to the battle which was the last!
But unfortunately in this battle our brave king becomes helpless at the time of the battle with rival and fails to win.

The only reason for his failure was “the king didn’t know much more about the rival. He was full of positivity, not the reality. The rival king was not a kind-hearted or loyal person like the brave king.

  • He punished the king with every type of possibilities.
  • Capture the kingdom.
  • Killed his baby prince & princess crudely!
  • Take his wife forcefully and killed her!
  • At the least killed the brave king!

The crude merciless king coming soon to your life as Intraday Trading.

The Value Of Stop Loss Order

Yes! If you only think about your profit then your destiny as same as the loyal king of our story. You need a plan and strategy to kill the rival king ( stock market loss ) and also you need a skip plan to save your’s everything.

Just think about our loyal king, if he well known about the rival king before the battle, he surely plans some ideas to win. But he was overconfident about his previous success. He fails due to the lack of information about the probabilities of winning and the result of battle. He always known and plan for profit, but didn’t think anytime about what he may lose if he fails to win!

The same strategy comes to play in stock market trading. Here you need to know ‘how much you can get profit’ but before the walk on this way you need to collect some data & information about the rival and what he will do with you if you fail to win!

Unfortunately, if you fail to win the battle of trading, share market punished you like this,

  • Finish your whole capital and get out you from the market.
  • Force you to become a beggar.
  • Will finish your mental peace.
  • Arrive much more loan on your weak shoulders.
  • Take away your family, friends, and relatives from you, because you are a loser and nothing now.
  • And the last stage is suicide, the only way which you can see at that time!

Hey, don’t worry this article will help you to win. The stock market can be your best friend from the next day if you have a perfect plan & follow the perfect strategy for Stop Loss Order!

Best Strategy For Stop Loss Order

Here I am not going to lecture about how to set up stop loss order when you trade, blah blah blah…
I told you the plan and strategy which I follow to get a handsome profit lifetime from share market intraday trading.
You have to follow these rules to become profitable and overcome your previous losses.

Rules Which Prevent The loss

  • Don’t invest your whole capital in a script, divide it into several scripts.
  • Some amount of capital should be free to overcome the loss if occurred.
  • Analyse scripts based on Technical & also Fundamental to choose the best before opening the stock market. If your analysis is perfect, surely will get profit.
  • Before you enter to trade, a perfect plan and a perfect strategy must be with you ( included Stop Loss and Target ).
  • Stick with your strategy, don’t try to modify it while trading.

These are some basic rules to stop the loss in every type of trading. But I personally follow some Intraday Trading Rules which we officially announced to make the profit every day!

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