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13 Steps How To Start A Blog On WordPress In 2019


Hi friends, myself Kanchan Chatterjee, and today, I’m going to share some basic concept on “how to start a blog on WordPress“. Also, I like to list here all the fundamental tutorial guide which surely transform you in a professional Blogger from nothing. I always told “Blogging is the much better option than any kind of job !”. So don’t underestimate the fundamentals of blogging if you wish to become a successful blogger.

How to Start a Blog on WordPress is the first step of your massive success of make money online. Here I covered all the vital points step by step which surely helps you to start a blog on WordPress platform and make a living with your blog.

A blog is short for Web log. Basically, it’s just a website that has entries listed in reverse chronological order. The original idea behind it was to be an online journal or diary that was updated daily (or as frequently as the writer chose). During the past decade many software companies have created programs and blogging platforms to make the process VERY EASY. As the blog writer, depending on which platform you use, you can just type your entry, press submit, and it shows up on your blog for the world to see. Most bloggers don’t know any programming languages and are not “techies,” and these companies know that. Starting a blog is one of the easiest ways out there to start a website. If you haven’t started one yet, why not try it? It can be very quick to set up and is sometimes completely free.

It’s very easy. Even if there are steps along the way that are confusing, there are plenty of resources to get the help you need. There are more than 20 million blogs in existence, so starting a blog can’t be that difficult.

There are many services that allow you to start a blog for free.  If you’re just trying out this whole blogging thing, try using one of the free services to get a basic feel for blogging and get your feet wet. Once you decide you want to stick with it and that you want to make money with your blog, you may want to move up to a self-hosted blog. Anyone who is really trying to make money with a blog will probably find more success with a self-hosted blog. Getting a self-hosted blog probably isn’t free but still can be VERY inexpensive. You need to pay for nothing more than a domain name (about $10/yr) and webhosting (as cheap as a few bucks a month).

If you plan to use one of the first two free options from the previous section, you can skip this section. If you’re serious about blogging and looking for the best way to customize your blog’s look and other features, then getting a self-hosted blog from WordPress.org is the best way to go. It’s far and away the top choice for most bloggers. It does require a little more work up front and does have small costs associated with it: buying a domain name (about $10/year) and hosting your blog (< $10/month). One of the big advantages is that you can use your own domain name (i.e., yourblog.com). While this might not seem like a big deal, it’s a lot easier for people to remember yourblog.com rather than yourblog.blogspot.com, which is what you get if you use Blogger. While it’s a little more work on the front end, I’m really glad I got good advice and did this at the beginning, rather than doing it a year or two down the road.

How to Start a Blog on WordPress

This tutorial guide helps you to grow your knowledge on blogging and become a successful blogger. Now follow these 11 easy steps to Start a blog on WordPress.

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1. Select a Specific Niche

This is very important step many times I have seen that people generally overlooked this step and started working keyword research or started writing articles. But trust me guys Niche is the only think on which you to think at least 10 times. Yes you heard me right you have to think about it atleast 10 times. Thinking why Niche is so important then read below mentioned points –

  1. If your niche doesn’t have traffic potential then how you can generate the traffic? So niche must have some traffic potential.
  2. Your niche must have traffic with earning potential , Yes guys after all we are blogging or working in IM niche to bag some money right. If you niche has earning potential then advertisement network can pay you well, you can do affiliate marketing and you can sell your advertisement space also and many more thing you can do if you are potential market.
  3. If you are planning to work long term then your niche must have long time searches and demand in the market. Out trick will help you to rank on both term but if you are working on long term then it will really help you.
  4. You can pick any niche to work but my humble request is to you that please pick only those niche on which you can write good stuff for long time. You should be familiar with the niche and have good knowledge about it .
  5. Again I am repeating my point Niche must have earning potential + you have good knowledge about it to write on. I hope you got my point now let’s move to second step.

2. Keyword Research - Before Start Your Blog

Keyword research is very important for every kind of niche. After pick the niche which have some potential in term of traffic and money. Then go to Google Keyword tool and put your keyword phrases and do not forget to click “Only Show Closely Related Queries” Here Are Some Important Point You Can Also Follow –

  • Go to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.
  • Enter general keyword Click on “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas”.
  • Click keyword ideas, then Download. Select Excel CSV file
  • Save file, then open in the spreadsheet.
  • Sort in the descending order to “Average Monthly Searches” column.
  • Now goto Google and put all keyword one by one in this way you can find that which keyword is difficult to rank or which can be easy. Delete every row more than 100,000 value of number of pages for particular keywords.

That it…  We are done with the keyword research let see next step.

3. Pick a Suitable Name to Start a Blog

What name do you wish to your blog? Is it related to the blog topic? Is your blog name contain any number or symbol? You have to clear all the answers in your mind before starting a blog. The blog URL run a big duty to build good SEO for a blog.

A blog is basically a website which is frequently update-able with a new blog post where a website is a bundle of some static pages. The main features of a blog are published new post wisely.

Before starting a blog, know the actual purpose to start a blog on WordPress with some helpful articles.

Blogging was started as a helping tool to people provided by blog writer (i,e blogger). A successful blog build by the passion, not emotion to make money blogging.

If you become passionate about to help others by writing a new blog post one by one, you become a successful blogger within a few months.

Make money from blogging should be the 2nd most purpose of your blogging journey. You can imagine it like a salary for helping people by starting a blog.

You have these components to start a blog:

Start your own blog is not a difficult task in today, but before the start, your blogging journey you should know the terms like domain name, web hosting, shared hosting, WordPress, theme, plugin etc.

4. Buy The Perfect Domain Name for Your Dream Blog

State forward, if you want to become a successful blogger and want to make money from a blog, register a country basis domain name to start a blog.

Target a country for the audience. As an example, when you write a blog post related to USA people, it’s better to buy a .us domain name for your blog.

But when your targeted people are worldwide, I suggest registering the .com domain name for your blog.

You should start by purchasing a domain name. Domize.com is a great tool to help you find available domain names. Try going for a .com rather than a .info or .us or anything else for that matter. It’s just too easy for people to get confused. A .com is always going to hold more value than any other extension. Once you choose it, you need to find somewhere to purchase it. I bought my first few domains at GoDaddy.com and have bought the remaining ones from my hosting companies. While GoDaddy is about one of the biggest names out there, I (and many of my peers) have had bad experiences with them; so I wouldn’t recommend using them. Also, it’s often easier just to buy the domain from the hosting company you sign up with since it will almost always simplify the process.

Domain name is the extension part of your blog name. As an example I wish to start a blog computerveda.com here ‘computerveda’ is the name of my blog and ” .com” is the domain name.

Best guide: How To Choose A Domain Name Cleverly.

Get A Free Domain Name >>

Register a domain name at free of cost like .com .net .org .co.in etc with annual hosting plan.


  1. Click on “Register Free Domain” button given below.
  2. Search your required domain name.
  3. Choose minimum 1 year hosting plan.
  4. Sign-up with working email address and complete the payment.

Register Free Domain Here >>

5. Start a Blog With an Affordable Shared Hosting Plan

Web hosting is the virtual place where you have to place your website files so people can access your website through internet.

Web hosting is not for free at all. You have to pay a rental fee yearly to run your website on the internet.

You have a little knowledge about the types of web hosting. Shared Hosting is the perfect match when you plan to start a blog with affordable price.

A shared hosting plan is perfect for you and another blogger to start a blog in 2019. I recommend you to pick the ‘dedicated hosting plan‘ when start your blog to generate handsome income for you.

The webhost is the company you pay to store all of your blog files. There are also a million webhosting companies out there. Don’t just look for the cheapest one because a lot of these companies are not very reliable, and your site might be down quite a bit. Try going with a bigger company that has a longer track record and is more established. They may cost a dollar or two more a month when you’re starting out, but it’s well worth it. I have hosted my websites with Dreamhost from the beginning, mostly because I knew a lot of people using them, and I got a hosting package for about $7 a month.

Now, I wholeheartedly recommend Hostgator.com over Dreamhost. The biggest reason is because Hostgator has staff available via phone or chat 24 hours a day. This is NOT very common for the cheaper webhosting companies. You will inevitably run into a problem with your site at some point, and it will comfort you to know you have someone to call when problems arise.

Best Hosting Plan To Start a Blog

Buy a affordable hosting plan from InterServer, the world’s most secure, safe and budget hosting provider with money back guarantee!

Grab free domain name with hosting plan >>

Hosting companies I’ve used

  • HostGator.com (As low as $3.96/m) – I started hosting with Hostgator after becoming increasingly frustrated with MediaTemple. From my experience Hostgator’s customer service seems to surpass any other host I’ve used. I’m so impressed with its customer service that I now host all my sites through Hostgator (except my biggest one).
  • Bluehost.com (As low as $6.95/m) I hosted a few of my sites with Bluehost, and I had a really good experience. It’s cheap and has a great phone support. The only downside is that there’s one hosting package, which is fine for small to medium sites but not so good if your blog continues to grow into a large blog.
  • MediaTemple.net (As low as $20/m) I hosted my main site (SeedTime.com) with MediaTemple for a couple of years, but after many bad experiences with the customer support team and frequent hold times of 45+ minutes, I left. I don’t recommend them. WPengine.com (As low as $29/m) I now host my websites with WP Engine. The main reason I moved to WP Engine is because the whole operation is specifically for WordPress sites, and as a result, it can tweak the servers to increase site speed and minimize downtime. Also, all of the support staff is very well trained in WordPress, which is rarely the case at other hosts. If you just want to go for the best, go with them.

6. Setup Name Server in DNS Section

DNS setup is the last step of “how to start a blog on WordPress“. Here I guide you ‘how to set up name server or DNS with our hosting service.

I try to do it simple. If you purchase your domain name with similar hosted site, no need to survive with DNS setup. DNS will be automatically set up for your domain.

If you wish to use your already purchased domain from any other place like GoDaddy, Bigrock etc, just follow these simple steps to live your website on the internet.

As an example, for Bigrock, login to your account. Go to your domain name section Fill the nameserver fields with “dns.trouble-free.net” & “dns2.trouble-free.net” and wait for some time to work your website.

7. Install WordPress As a Blogging Platform

All three of the options listed below are free. The first two options are the easiest but are also limited on features. If you are just trying to make an extra few hundred dollars from your blog, these options could work. But if you’re really serious about trying to make good money from your blog, you should self-host your blog (which we talk about in the next section).

  • Blogger.com – Blogger is very good and easy to set up, and Google owns it. You can customize the theme, and the domain name includes “.blogspot.com.” (In some people’s opinion this is a little less professional.) Blogger continues to become more customizable and currently has a lot more options than it did a few years ago.
  • WordPress.com – These sites are completely free and easy to set up, and you can customize the theme, but other customizations are limited, domain name includes “.wordpress.com.” The big downside with these sites is that they don’t allow you to place ads on your blog.
  • WordPress.org – Wait, what’s the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org? To put it simply, WordPress.com is where you go to set up a basic, easy blog with limited features. WordPress.org is where you go to get a self-hosted blog. If you get to the point where you’re serious about blogging and really want to make some money with it, you need to self-host your blog.
In the past 5 years of managing blogs and websites, I have used many types of website platforms for my blogs, like Joomla, WordPress etc. I experienced that the WordPress is the best platform to run a blog. 92% of professionals use WordPress for their blogs. It is also available in free of cost.
So, here I guide you to create your new blog with WordPress.There are more and more platform options helps you how to start a blog on WordPress. But 96% of professional bloggers love to blogging with WordPress platform.

So, I recommend you to start a blog with WordPress which is very user-friendly for beginners. Also, WordPress interface is great for SEO with Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.

WordPress is very user friendly, easy to use and time saving platform. Anyone who don’t know the coding to build a blog or website, also he/she can do it using WordPress. Use to WordPress as simple as Microsoft Word, but very SEO friendly.

8. Choose a Niche for Your Blog (Turn your hobby into niche)

Now you are going to start a blog! That’s fine, but on which topic?

Before choosing the topic to ask yourself “which topic you love a lot?” If you ask me to suggest a topic, I will recommend you to start a blog on the topic which energies you to do more and more. That means don’t copy from others, because after sometimes you can’t write anymore yourself.

Choose the topic which your passion, which is infinite to be written, which you know better than others.

9. Install a WordPress Customizable Theme Best for The Niche

After I took the step to self-host my blog, the next step that greatly helped me increase earnings was to choose a highly customizable theme. This costs anywhere from $50-$100 so you may not want to do it at the beginning, but once you’re committed to blogging and want to invest a few bucks, putting that money toward a premium theme is a good investment. For all my blogs I use the Studiopress Genesis theme. Without getting into all the details, if you asked me right now what the best WordPress theme was, I’d say the Genesis theme. Right out of the box, it provides you with a very pretty site that’s very easy to customize. It is SEO optimized very well, has a lot of bells and whistles and a ton of support. The kicker is that you can buy it and get lifetime updates for $59. If you’re a programmer, you really don’t need to buy a theme because you can make all the customizations yourself to any basic theme. Since starting to blog a couple of years ago, I have learned a little HTML, but I’m still about the furthest thing from a programmer! So, for people like me, a customizable theme allows me to control things and areas on the site I could never change without the help of a programmer. But even still, if you have a specific vision of what you want your blog to look like and aren’t willing to compromise on that, you will probably need the help of a programmer/designer to help you.  Elance.com is a great place to find one.

Beginners should be known what is a theme. Next is which theme is suitable for which blog topic.

As an example, Simple blog theme, news theme, Classified theme, Woo-commerce theme and so on. Also, the selected theme must have some capabilities to monetize with AdSense and Affiliate system.

Check here how to choose the best theme to start a blog for a living.

A website theme or blog theme is a predefined and ready-made blog design template which helps you to minimize your hard work.

If you don’t allow any types of WordPress theme, you have to take a headache for each n every blog post. You have to learn HTML, PHP and JAVA Script language to do the job of WordPress theme. Also, you need to create page design for each n every blog post.


An installed WordPress theme already do the job for you. In that case, your work is just to write blog content and click on publish button, nothing else. The installed theme automatically create whole blog design including header, footer, sidebar and many more for every blog post.

WordPress provide us some free themes but I personally recommend you to use a premium WordPress theme to your successful blogging journey. ( It’s not a matter you purchase the theme or get it from anywhere at free of cost )

Choose the theme based on how to monetize your blog. Because specific themes are designed for specific magnetization platform.

10. Modify Theme Design Unique

No need to hire any website designer to design your own blog anymore! But redesign the theme of your blog is essential to become successfully run on this competitive world.

Let me explain, As example You and me, both are used the same theme for our blogs. If we use default design, then our 60% of blog SEO is the same only 40% of SEO depends on blog contents.

Most of the search engines like Google and Bing algorithm can be harmful to our blog. Search engine bot treats our blog as copy content and never place our content in the first page of Google search which is too much essential to become successful a blog.

11. Install Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugin is used to do some specific job which is can’t be done by your WordPress theme.

Each n every WordPress plugins need to install for different jobs. Few essential WordPress plugins are very essential to install into your blog to do some essential works.

Let me explain with examples!

Akismet is a WordPress plugin which helps to protect your blog from spamming and also from hacking. WP-Optimize WordPress plugin able me to manage & optimize my blog database very efficiently.

Essential WordPress Plugins To Start Blogging:

  • Akismet Anti-Spam
  • Contact Form 7
  • Jetpack by WordPress
  • TablePress
  • WP Super Cache
  • WP-Optimize
  • Yoast SEO

Advance WordPress Plugins To Start Blogging:

  • Backlinks Saver
  • Easy Table of Contents
  • Elementor
  • Monarch Plugin
  • Popup by Supsystic
  • Post SMTP
  • WPForms Lite

12. Create Essential Pages for Your Blog

A specific name already given to your blog, but this is not enough to describe what about the blog!

Some essential pages a blogger must be included to professionally start a blog and making a good reputation in the blogging field.

These essential pages are,

  1. About Us
  2. Contact Us
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Terms Of Conditions

all the pages helps users or viewers to know about your blog content, motive to start the blog and how much they secure to use the blog.

13. Publish Unique, Quality and SEO Enabled Blog Posts

Now everything is done and this is the time to publish your first blog post. But don’t publish any blog post quickly!

Before publishing a blog post you must be looking at your blog content carefully.

A successful blog post should follow some techniques like, Your blog post must be helpful and should be engaging with great content for your blog visitors. Presence of keyword in the blog title, meta description, and many other essential places.

Seo stands for search engine optimization, I mean before publish any blog post you should care about some factors in your blog content which love to read search engine bots.

According to my language, where the blog is like a human body in there content is the heart and SEO is like the flow of blood.

You can create better SEO for your blog post compared to the competitors by following these steps below.

  • Keyword analysis is very essential before writing a blog post.
  • Insert keyword into the post title, meta description, meta keywords, heading, subheading and also into the body content.
  • Insert keyword in the alt tag for images.
  • The structure must be simplified, Google loves it.
  • Carefully link internal and external pages.

If you are reading this line that means you are the actual upcoming blogger who has a very high curiosity to learn how to start a blog on WordPress for a living.

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A professional blogger from West Bengal, India. I love blogging about Digital Life and the Stock Market. Also the Co-Founder of SK Capital Analysis and Sales Associate at ZERODHA.

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