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Q Zerodha Back Office Tutorial Guide – New Zerodha Console 2019

Introduce Q by Zerodha: Hello Readers! How are you and how smooth going your trading life on Zerodha? Today I have something new for you! This article able you to know “what is Zerodha back office console” and “how to use Zerodha Back Office ( Q Zerodha ) to track your portfolio with profit & loss statement.

q.zerodha.com ( now console.zerodha.com ) is very helpful and easy to use back office service for Zerodha clients who love to track their profitability and other portfolio services with a single click.

q Zerodha back office console tutorial guide
Q by Zerodha

Q Zerodha/ Zerodha Back Office/ Zerodha Console Features

To open your Zerodha BackOffice platform (i.e, Q Zerodha ) Click here. Now I listed here all the features of Zerodha Console ( q.zerodha.com )

  • Dashboard: The central dashboard of Zerodha is like a home page of Zerodha Back Office service.
  • Portfolio
    • Positions: Here you can see all your current trade positions with Profit/Loss details.
    • Holdings: Here you can see all your holdings with Profit/Loss details.
    • OFS / Buybacks / Takeovers: Here you can view all the stocks undergoing an OFS. Hover on the stock whose OFS you want to participate in and click on ‘Options’ and select ‘Place order’.
  • Reports
    • Tradebook: You can check here historical price details for any symbols of Equity, Future & Options, Commodity, Currency and Mutual Funds.
    • P&L: Profit & Loss section allow you to track your Profit or Loss with a specific range of dates manually entered.
    • Tax P&L: Check the paid tax deduction according to financial year by selecting quarter ( Q1 to Q4 ).
    • Tax-loss harvesting: Opportunities to reduce your tax outgo on long and short term capital gains (LTCG & STCG) by selling securities currently on unrealized losses.
    • 60 day challenge: The 60-Day Challenge is an initiative by Zerodha to encourage traders to be more focused on their trading and bring back fun into their trading. Read more..
    • Download Statements: You can download here your Contract note, Margin Statement and Annual Global Statement according to Category ( Equity/Currency/Commodity ) and Date wise.
  • Funds
    • Overview: This is very important section where you can see your Equity and Commodity fund balance. Also, you can request to withdrawal your fund.
    • Statement: Check your fund balance statement with date range wise.
    • Interest statement: Check how much Interest paid by you date wise.
  • My Profile
    • Personal: Profile section provide you all your personal details and Zerodha account details.
    • Bank: Display your bank details which you provide to Zerodha Office at the time of Opening Zerodha Demat & Trading Account.
    • Demat: In demat section, you can see your Zerodha Demat Account details.
    • Financial Proofs: Financial details along with proofs are required to be reviewed by Brokers on a periodic basis, to allow clients to continue trading in the derivatives segment, as per Exchange guidelines. So you need to Upload and verify your financial income proof.
    • User Uploads: Here you get the upload link for PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Photo and Signature. Upload all documents to secure your account.
    • Overnight Investment: Regulations require us to transfer all unused funds in a particular quarter back to your bank account. You get here two options ‘Transfer funds back to bank account’ and ‘Buy overnight liquid fund with no transaction costs’.
  • Rewards and Referrals: Refer a friend and earn 300 points each when they open an account. Read more..
  • Logout: Click on Logout option to logout from already loged-in Q Zerodha Back Office.

Zerodha Back Office Review

Zerodha Backoffice Review 2019 ( Features, Problems, Benefits, Pros & Cons )


  • User-friendly simplified interface. 
  • Easy portfolio view.
  • Easily can track profit & loss.
  • Q Zerodha makes it easy to fund the withdrawal process.
  • Auto-login with Zerodha Kite is hassle-free.


  • Referral fees pay in points, not in real money.
User Friendliness
User Friendliness Review Score 92%
Analysis Tools
Analysis Tools Review Score 81%
P/L Tracking
Profit & Loss track Score 93%
Fund Withdrawal
Fund Withdrawal Review score 90%
Referral System
Fund Withdrawal Review score 25%

Zerodha Back Office Login Tutorial

Q Zerodha” refers to the Zerodha Back Office in the year 2014. After enhancing the user experience of “Q Zerodha” in 2018, the back office named as “Zerodha Console“. When you try to open the old link q.zerodha.com, it will automatically redirect to the console.zerodha.com, that is the new official link to login to the back office service portal of Zerodha.

How To Register in Q.Zerodha.Com: No need to face any registration process on Q by Zerodha. You can use your Zerodha Kite login details to login Zerodha Back office dashboard easily.

How to Login at Q Zerodha Back Office

Follow these steps given below to successfully log in to your Zerodha Back Office ( Zerodha q login ) account easily.

  • Step 1: Open console.zerodha.com ( or Click here ).
  • Step 2: Click on “Login With Kite” button.
  • Step 3: Enter your “CLIENT ID” and “Password” carefully and click on the login button.
  • Step 4: Enter your “Z PIN” as 2-factor-authentication and press Continue button.

That’s all! Now Zerodha Console will be displayed in front of you. Read the whole article to use your Zerodha Console like a pro.

Links are given below helps you to Zerodha back office login.

Zerodha Back Office Features and Tutorial Guide For Beginners

Q Zerodha Backoffice User Guide: The day was gone when we visit q.zerodha.com to open the Zerodha Back office. In 2018, Zerodha upgrades their back office terminal as Zerodha Console. the URL of Zerodha Back office also changed from http://q.zerodha.com/ to https://console.zerodha.com/ which will be sent you to the official page of Zerodha Back Office ( i.e Zerodha Console ).

Welcome To Q By Zerodha – The Next Generation Backoffice For Traders And Investors

1. Dashboard Section Guide

This is the Zerodha back-office Dashboard section. Here you can easily see the current & latest situation of your Zerodha account activity.

The Zerodha dashboard section divided into two parts

  1. Equity: In the equity section of Zerodha Console, you can check your total account value and Cash balance.
  2. Commodity: In the commodity section of Zerodha Console you can also check your account value and cash balance.
    Zerodha back office dashboard data always showing you the result of 2 days ago.
    By scrolling the next part of the dashboard page, you can see all the things in a chart view.

Equity chart view options are

  • Account Value
  • Equity Holdings
  • MF Holdings
  • Payin
  • Payout
  • Deviations

Commodity chart view options are

  • Account Value
  • Payin
  • Payout
  • Deviations

2. Portfolio Section Guide

The portfolio section of Zerodha Q consists of 3 parts Positions, Holdings, and OFS/Buyback/Takeovers.

  • Positions

Zerodha console position section helps you to track your portfolio script/company positions you had bought in the past and hold till the date.
You can check your portfolio positions like Futures & Options, Currency, and Commodity Position through selecting from the drop-down menu.

  • Holdings

In the holding section of Zerodha console you only got 2 sectors to select from the dropdown menu, 1) Equity and 2) Mutual funds. Also, you can use the filter with date and script/company names.

In the Holding page, you can see your current or past holding positions and Investments with Profit & Loss (P/L) statement. Also, you can download the holding & investment report in XLSX and CVS format.

  • OFS / Buybacks / Takeovers

Read here in details about OFS and Buybacks & Takeovers.

3. Reports Section Guide

Zerodha Back Office report section consists of 6 parts to be explained here, and those are,

  1. Tradebook
  2. P&L
  3. Tax P&L
  4. Tax Loss Harvesting
  5. 60 Days Challenge
  • Tradebook

You can check here historical price details for any symbols of Equity, Future & Options, Commodity, Currency and Mutual Funds.

4. Funds Section Guide

Fund section is the most useful & important section in back office dashboard. Here you can manage your money invested to Zerodha by login to Zerodha Back Office ( Q by Zerodha ) portal.

Useful features of fund section introducing by Q

  1. You can see your total fund balance.
  2. Check your Account Value and cash balance.
  3. Get real-time information about your Invested amount in Mutual Fund.
  4. Know your available and withdrawable balance information.
  5. You can see your recent withdrawal list.

How To Withdraw Fund Using Zerodha Back Office console

  • Step 1: Login to Zerodha Back Office.
  • Step 2: Click on “Fund” tab.
  • Step 3: Enter “Withdrawal amount” in input form.
  • Step 4: Click on “Proceed” button.

That’s all. Your fund withdrawal request successfully submitted. Now you can see your request under the “Recent withdrawals” section, as pending status. Within 1 working day the amount will be credited into your registered bank account.​

5. Profile Section Guide

6. Rewards and Referrals Guide

7. Logout From Zerodha Console

This is the last step you should be use each n every time you login to zerodha back office.

How To Log Out From Q

  • Step 1: Click on your Client Id displayed on right side upper corner.
  • Step 2: Click on “LogOut” button.

Zerodha Back Office Advantages

  • Registration not require. You can log in with your Zerodha kite login details.
  • You can easily track your profit & loss with Zerodha Q terminal. I called it Zerodha Profit Calculator.
  • Q by Zerodha make it easier to withdraw your amount into your registered bank.
  • Zerodha back office is highly secure,  no one can steal your money. ( If anyone success to know your login details, the person can’t get your money, because Zerodha only transfers the money to the registered bank account which you provide at the time of opening Zerodha account.

Zerodha Back Office Disadvantages

  • While trading on Zerodha Kite app, need to login again on Zerodha Console to request for withdrawal fund balance.

Q by Zerodha - Video Tutorial

Q Zerodha Back Office Tutorial Guide – New Zerodha Console 2019
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