Common Mistakes In Intraday Trading

Top 5 common mistakes in Intraday Trading which love to do most beginners. Escape from these traps and learn how to control your sentiments while trading on the stock market.


That does not matter how you feel in the past. Today I am talking about candlestick patterns explained with examples which change your life completely.

how to use Zerodha kite app like a pro

Here you will be learning how to use Zerodha Kite app like a pro to gain maximum profit from the stock market. This guide is exclusively for new traders.

Stop Loss Order & Strategy

Stop Loss Order provide me the key of success! The stock market can be your best friend from the next day if you follow Stop Loss strategy!

Shooting star Candlestick

Shooting star candlestick is one of the best patterns in my candlestick chart. I love to trade with the help of shooting star candlestick indication.

Risk Reward Ratio

Risk Reward Ratio : The Risk to Reward ratio is another success key to successful trading. Your StopLoss is the Risk and Your Target is the Reward.

how to convert MIS to CNC

This is a complete guide that will help you to convert your position from MIS to CNC or NRML in Zerodha kite app. Follow these steps to convert MIS to CNC.

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