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7 Steps How To Make Money From Google AdSense In India

Google AdSense fully change my life. It is more than any types of a job if you have the talent to use it with perfection!

In this blog post, you will learn how to make money from Google Adsense easily in 2019. I’ve actually used these 7 steps myself and have proven that this process can make you thousands of dollars per month from Google AdSense.

Here I’m going to share my personal experience on “how to earn money from AdSense“. I have discussed here 7 essential steps which give me success to make money from AdSense in my blogging carrier. I always share my knowledge not only for pleasure, rather than trying to solving a big problem called unemployment.

Approximate 60% of my total blogging earning coming from the Google AdSense. I respect Google AdSense team a lot and happy to works with them.

Google AdSense is the only AdSense service in the world which give you the maximum payout for your blog traffic.

You can see here my last month earning from Google AdSense from the blogs EndlessEducation(deleted), Go Product Review and SK Capital Analysis.

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make money from Google AdSense
How to Make Money from Google AdSense

Now, I’m going to share the most valuable & working part for you, and that is how to start earning from Google AdSense.

My motive is clear to start this blog. It is not only a general blog like others, but I also promise my self to build it as the alternative to a govt job. If a single person can achieve success and became successful financially, I will be the happiest person in the world!

1. Start a Blog ( What i Did )

It is impossible to escape hearing the word “blog” these days. From newspaper columns to online journals, an average person reads at least one blog every day. If you are someone who has heard the word, been intrigued by it, even fascinated and confused about it then rest assured that you have come to the right place.

2. Publish Helpful Blog Posts in a Interval

Do you actually know, what is a helpful blog post? It does not only help people also must be helpful for you and your blog. I know it’s sound like selfish, but this is the truth behind any successful blog post. Please don’t mis-understanding my words, let me explain all the pinched words one by one which helps you to write helpful blog content. “Don’t jump into the water without any purpose, and must be plan what you will do after jumping into the water.” When you’re ready to publish a blog post only to helps people, you can’t help anyone anymore! Think first ‘how to reach your blog post to the perfect guy who needs it?’ Each n every people, who want to escape from a problem, ask the Google Search for the solution. So, at first, helps Google to find out your blog post by build SEO in your content. ( Know how I use Yoast plugin to build good SEO ) “Consistency and the scheduled interval between blog posts play a special role in every successful blog.”

3. Track The Daily Visitor Graph

Did your blog post start to getting attention from people? Track the movement of visitors by setup Google Analytics Tool with your blog. ( I love to use SEMrush tool. Know why ) “Tracking the visitors is a very easy and vital step to become a pro blogger in the future.” Google loves your overall blog when people read your blog content from the Google search result. So try to investigate how many visitors come from Google Search Engine. This is the first key to get approval from Google AdSense.

4. Apply For Google AdSense

Get approval from Google AdSense team is very easy ans also a difficult task for a beginner. It will be easy or difficult – totally depends on you!

To make it easy for you, follow some rules which I experienced in my blogging journey.

  • Rule 1: Minimum of 50 visitors/day from Google Search.
  • Rule 2: Don’t use any copy content in your blog. Also avoid any types of illegal content like adult content, gambling or any other you find illegals.
  • Rule 3: Alexa Rank is also a hidden factor to get quick approval from the Google AdSense team. Try to improve Alexa Ranking before applying for AdSense.

Here is The List Of Top AdSense Earners Who Inspire Me a Lot.

5. Place Ad Codes Carefully

Do you know why I push you to read this section carefully? Actually, the placement of Ad codes will be the main source of income from your blog.

6. Analysis Revenue Factors

Don’t leave your blog in the stand-steel mode while generating a handsome living from it. You can make multiple from the same just after an effortless little work, and that is ‘ analyze & implementation of AdSense revenue factors’.
Here is the list of some vital factors which can give you multiple revenues from Google AdSense:

  1. CPC
  2. CPM
  3. CTR

7. Share & Promote Your Blog Content

Do you feel happy, or satisfy only with search traffic? I think absolutely NO!
Traffic from search engine can’t move your blog to the next level.

When visitors come from the search engine, they didn’t care who are you and what is your blog about!

I’m totally surprised! Sometimes people come from the search result, read the blog post and move on. They don’t know which blog was read in the past 20 minutes! That is a horrible experience I received some time ago from my friends through an experiment.

Before 6 months from the date (16th Feb, 2019), I did an experiment with my friends.

At that time I had published a well interesting blog post on my blog ‘SK Capital Analysis’ and share the post to 10 selected friends through WhatsApp. I had known that they surely read the post carefully because it helps them to improve their trading ability.

The second day, I visited all of them one by one with only 2 pieces of the same questions,

  1. What was the Blog Name which I shared and
  2. What was the blog URL?

I totally shocked! No one can give the answers!

As the final result, they can’t come back to the same blog anymore. You lose a visitor, who might be a permanent reader of your blog.

“Come out from search traffic! Break the limitation of visitors! Move on to achieve unlimited traffic to your blog! Make your blog, A BRAND!”

Put your blog name into the mind of your readers, anyhow, so that they can be able to back your blog again.

Asking for email > create an email list > repeatedly send them an email for every new post published on your blog.

To make a brand your blog name and get unlimited visitors, share helpful content in social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Also, it will help to improve your ranking on Google search result.

The only sharing is not the best solution when your main goal to achieve unlimited targeted readers for your blog. Because sharing doesn’t give the worldwide targeted result.

You have to start promoting your best content with social media. Believe me, this process helps you to build a grand database of followers & likers. So, when your next blog post will be published, a big amount of visitors ready to visit your blog surely.

Keep Blogging To Make Money From a Blog Lifetime

When a river stops to flow, called a pond. It doesn’t matter that is big or small. Loss his depth gradually with clay, and once a day it becomes useless!

So, keep blogging with a scheduled interval. It is the faith, it is the symbol of heart beat of your blog!

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A professional blogger from West Bengal, India. I love blogging about Digital Life and the Stock Market. Also the Co-Founder of SK Capital Analysis and Sales Associate at ZERODHA.

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