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How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing in 2019

Affiliate marketing is always better than AdSense, if you have the ability to sell online.When you have a blog/website with average traffic, affiliate company can approve your blog, but AdSense require much more policy verification and maximum time you became hopeless.

Partnership with some reputed company is so easy than approaching to Google AdSense team. Also, you can make money higher than AdSense.

But my dear friend, it’s not easy to earn money from affiliate marketing as you thinking. Some bloggers caught not earn a penny within a year after starting affiliate marketing.

Don’t worry, be happy! This blog post turns your worry to happy. Here I discuss all the working methods which I personally use to make money from my blogs.

Now the time to define the power of Affiliate Marketing. Read here how I make money from my blog through Affiliate Marketing.

Actually, in 2011, my blog was rejected by Google AdSense team, because at that time I don’t know the Criteria to apply for Google AdSense. After rejection, I research on several Affiliate services and after all, find out the easy and helpful Amazon Associate.

After sometimes I join with Flipkart affiliate Marketing. But a few months ago the WalMart buy the Flipkart and suddenly finish the affiliate earning gradually. So I divorce with Flipkart Affiliate and successfully run only Amazon Affiliate on my blog Go Product Review – The Online Shopping Guide.

Here you can see my first 8 days earnings from the Amazon affiliate.

I was started my first affiliate earning with Rs. 7/- by referring an Amazon product to my friend 3 years ago. Always I believe “If you can earn a penny from a source today, it became you millionaire in the future!”

So, I started referring as much I can. But the next 2 years can’t reach my income Rs. 1000/-. I was hopeless about affiliate marketing. Before I leave it, decide to try with another way i.e blogging. In the year 2017 started my review blog “Go Product Review” and review only those products which I actually review myself.

Steps to Make money from Affiliate Marketing

Go Product Review become successful within 3 months of startup. My affiliate sales increased by more than 6 times. I giving all the thanks to Google Search Engine to incredibly respond to index my content.
I started my affiliate journey with Amazon Associate Programme and I recommend you to join it ( obviously with your own blog ).

Here I share all the details which you need to know to join Amazon Affiliate.

What is Amazon Affiliate?

Amazon affiliate marketing is not like a mass marketing business where marketing officers need to go door-by-door for selling their products. Affiliate marketing is like a dealing business where you work as an online dealer. No need to sell product door-to-door and get very tired out of the day! Just work as a connector between the buyer & seller and get your predefined commission.

Now I going to share how to start an affiliate marketing. This is like a part-time job from home which may becomes you rich.

Just follow these steps written below to start your affiliate business with Amazon.

1. Create A Blog Or A Website

At first you need a blog or website with sufficient organic traffic. If you have any blog; you can start your affiliate business from today!

If you have not a blog till now, these post help you to create & manage a new blog.

2. Choose An Affiliate Company

Before signup for your affiliate link, you should know which company give you the platform. Many affiliate company waiting for your blog, like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. For every company joining step is almost same.

In this post, I share all the process about  Amazon affiliate program.

3. SignUp To Affiliate

What do you think? Simply go to www.amazon.in and click on SignUp button?

No guys! Normal customers did that. You are going to a small partnership with Amazon, a specific signup link provides the Amazon company for you. Just click the link below to signup.

Sign-Up For Amazon Affiliate

The link provide your all original details through signup form. After complete signup process, wait for their confirmation mail about activation your affiliate account. Application approves process may take 0 to 48 hours, for me that was 20 min.

4. Affiliate Link Placement

After approved your affiliate application, log into Amazon affiliate dashboard where you can find some banner ad with variable size. Choose a perfect banner for your blog, copy the banner code and paste in your blog where you want to show the banner ad.

When your visitors click on the banner and purchase anything from Amazon, you will get your predefined commission automatically.

5. Setup Payment Option

Amazon payment system is very money-friendly for new bloggers. Minimum payout plan is only Rs. 1000/-, which is easily achievable. To get your payment you can choose PayPal or Cheque system or bank transfer. The Paypal transfer takes 10 to 21 days where cheque system takes up to 7 days to deliver the cheque to your address in India and take the minimum of 21 days to clear the payment after you deposit them into your bank account.

I set up bank transfer as my payout plan and every time I got money into my bank a/c within 24 hours.

I recommend you too to set up bank transfer as the payout. Fill up the bank details, upload a canceled check & PAN photo. When you reach Rs 1000/-, automatically the amount will be transferred into your account.

If you have any query about this topic, you can comment below, I definitely try to answer your query!

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