My Intraday Trading Rules – Equity and Option

That’s not matter you’r a new or a professional trader, if you want to make some profit, you need to follow some rules. But if you think I just listed here few rules and you become profitable just by follow the rules, then I’m sorry, you can’t.



Everyone need to have a unique rules that suits their need.


My Intraday Rules

Here I listed the rules for my clients, if you find the rules helpful for you also, I will be glad. Before listing any rules, I need to clear that all the rules are best suitable for small capital traders whose capital size is less than 20,000. You have to change the rules for heavy capital trading.



Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1. — Warren Buffett

Equity Trading Rules

  1. Don’t setup your trade without a StoLoss.
  2. Trail your StopLoss to 25% of Profit, when market shows you 50% Target achieve.
  3. Don’t change you StopLoss when your trade in loss.

Option Trading Rules

  1. Never hold for the next day. Option trading is best for intraday.
  2. Set a StopLoss just after Activate your order.
  3. Trail your StoLoss according to my instructions.

** Lot size or Quantity should be place with respect to StopLoss. Before setup any trade ask yourself “How much money you can effort to loose for the trade ?” then calculate and place the Lot Size or Quantity.


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