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For successful trading and profit, you should follow these intraday trading rules blindly otherwise you may lose your capital and became out of the market.
Those rules are:-

  1. Don’t trade before stable the Stock Market. ( After 10:00 AM )
  2. Buy/Sell share quantities must be equal to your capital divided by 200. As an example, if your capital is Rs. 6000/-, then your buy/sell quantities should be 6000/60=100.
  3. Don’t try to trade manually, sometime you can’t catch the share price due to movement of speed. Use Bracket Order (BO) to pre-setup your Intraday Trading.
  4. Follow our WhatsApp group until your orders are open, we provide live advice for those opened scripts till book your profit. ( Join WhatsApp )
  5. It is a business, not a game or gambling! So give your full attention and take it seriously in your life.
  6. When a day you got profit, don’t greedy and if you book some losses due to our script, please don’t try to recover your loss yourself without discuss with us! If you do that, don’t blem us for your sadness journey!
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