Kite Zerodha App Trading Tutorial – Use Kite App Like A Pro

Hi Traders, welcome to this super valuable knowledge based article on Zerodha Kite where I share practically how to use Zerodha Kite app like a pro ( i,e Zerodha Tutorial ) to gain maximum profit from the stock market. This “Zerodha trading tutorial” is exclusively for new traders who wish to set up their trade on the Zerodha Kite platform like a professional trader.

  • For existing Zerodha Kite users, I have also listed some pro tips that you should start implementing right now to make your losses turn to profit.
  • The first thing that you need to do in order to set up your Zerodha Kite platform is to download kite app from google play store and login to it.

In this article about Zerodha Kite tutorial I share the following things with you:

how to use Zerodha kite app like a pro

Zerodha Kite App - Features, Review & Tutorial

Zerodha Mobile Trading Guide 2019

Introduction to Zerodha Trading

Introducing: Kite Zerodha App

Download Zerodha Kite app from Google Play Store

What is Kite Zerodha App?

Introducing the Kite 3 mobile App: Our digital life is feeling handicraft without a smartphone. Thanks to Zerodha, thinks about it and introduces ZERODHA KITE APP for mobile traders who have no time to stick with the system (Laptop or Desktop). Kite is the Zerodha’s fast and elegant flagship trading platform. On the other hand, Zerodha Kite app is like an ocean for thirsty traders who can’t afford a laptop to trade daily.

  • Kite by Zerodha – Apps on Google Play: Zerodha Kite App is available for download on Google play store. You can download Zerodha Kite Application directly from here.
  • App Name: Kite by Zerodha – Free trading [ Download ]

Zerodha Kite App Features

Here are the available features of Kite app:

  • Single-Click search for all scripts across all exchanges – NSE, BSE, and MCX.
  • Live market presentation with current data.
  • Add Multiple watchlists with live market depths.
  • Advanced chart with 100+ indicators
  • Available free historical chart with price data
  • Online Trading facilities for Equity, F&O, Commodities, and Currency segment.
  • Regular order, AMO order, BO (Bracket orders), and CO (Cover orders) are available.

Advantages of Zerodha Kite

Zerodha Kite Advantages For Their Valuable Users

  • Delivery/equity investments is totally free. Nothing to be brokerage charge on delivery.
  • Minimum brokerage charges is limit less per transaction. it can be Rs 0.
  • Maximum brokerage charge is also awesome. Flat Rs 20 per transaction or 0.01% of transaction volume , which is less.
  • Provide a margin 20 times for equity intraday and 70 times for Nifty and Bank Nifty.

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Zerodha Kite Login - User Guide

Zerodha Kite Login: Process, Issue and Solution

This Zerodha Kite Login Tutorial, guide you to successfully login to your Zerodha kite app. Are you ready with your unique client ID and password provided by Zerodha Branch through Email? Otherwise, you can’t do anything with KITE App. Now the point comes to you that how to get Zerodha Kite Login ID and Password? My previous tutorial article given below surely help you to do that.

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Once you have your Kite app Installed, you need to Login with your ID and Password provided by Zerodha through email. The next thing you need to do is change passwords, the page automatically arrives at your first time login. So, change the previous password and make it as you wish.

Good job on getting this far! Your Kite app now ready to explore everything in front of you.

But before you have the full access quickly set up some security questions and answers to protect your account. Remind it, every time when you log in to your account, these answers asking you by Kite app.
You need to fill up security questions & answers minimum 5 out of 10 and each login page asking you only 2 answers which you fill and submit here.

Zerodha Kite Login Issue

Zerodha Kite Login Issue

  • In Zerodha Kite platform, sometimes users facing login issue while providing the correct Client ID and Password. Zerodha showing technical fault while going to login to Kite app, as well as Kite web.
  • At the same time, also users can’t log in to their Zerodha Demat Account.
    Sometimes login can be successful but our trades also get canceled. It’s another issue related to Zerodha login.

Steps to Overcome the Zerodha Kite Login Issue

Steps to Overcome the Zerodha Kite Login Issue

Here are two main solutions of Zerodha Kite Login Issue you can try while facing the login problem.

  • While you facing login issue in Zerodha kite, you got a mail from Zerodha support team related to the login issue. Also got the tips on how to overcome this login issue.
  • When you facing any types of login issue on Zerodha kite platform, you can use Zerodha Pi platform [ Zerodha Pi Download ].
  • While facing the problem about login, also you can execute your trade directly through the Zerodha broker over the call.

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Now the next step is to add a script to your Kite watch list!
Don’t worry, it’s not a hard task for you and you can quickly do it with the help of the guide below:

Market Watchlist Management

How To add a script To Kite Zerodha Trading App?

A few things to learn before moving to add a script to your watchlist:

  • What is a script on the stock market?
    Script means any share or a stock identified name like a company name. Also, it can be things like Gold, Crude Oil, Copper, etc.
  • What is Watch-list?
    When we create a list of some selected script which we need to watch, then the list called a watch-list.
  • What are NSE and BSE?
    The NSE ( National Stock Exchange) and BSE ( Bombay Stock Exchange ) are the leading stock exchanges in India.

Process to add script to Zerodha kite app:-

Here is your empty watchlist. As an example, suppose you wish to add RELIANCE script to your watchlist.
Just click on the search bar and type the script name ( i,e RELIANCE ) and click on the script name. Good job, you did it!

kite app watch list
zerodha kite watchlist
how to add script in Zerodha kite

Zerodha Fund Transfer

Zerodha Fund Transfer

With all of the above steps completed, you have graduated from newbie to beginner!

How to add fund/money to Zerodha wallet?

Alright let’s begin by adding some funds to your Zerodha bank account:

  1. Click on the “MENU” icon in Kite app.
  2. Click on “FUND”.
  3. Click on “ADD” option to add money to your Zerodha funds.

Automatically a web page open to you where you can choose the option through which you want to pay from your bank account to your Zerodha account.
Available options are:

  1. Net Banking,
  2. UPI Transaction and
  3. Google Pay ( TEZ ) Transaction.

In this way you can manage your Zerodha funds easily.

Zerodha kite menu
How To Add Fund In Zerodha Kite
Zerodha kite fund
how to add money to Zerodha kite
Add Fund Option In Kite

Zerodha Buy/Sell Guide

How To Buy A Script In Zerodha Kite app?

This is the First Step to Trade with Zerodha: In this step I am going to discuss is the process how to buy a script/share of a company to kite app. Before buying any share on the stock market, you have to follow a predefined strategy with discipline otherwise no one can rescue you from the upcoming tragedy!

When you are going to buy a script many options provided by Zerodha Kite to you, and those are:

  • CNC ( Cash N Carry ) or Normal
  • MIS ( Margin Intraday Square off )
  • MKT ( Current Market Rate )
  • SL ( Stop-Loss )
  • BO ( Bracket Order )
  • CO ( Cover Order )
  • AMO ( After Market Order )

Relux I will make it simple for you! Just only 3 things to understand to start your trade as a beginner, which I explained below.

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how to buy script on Zerodha Kite app

What Is CNC, MIS and SL?

  • What Is CNC in Trading ( Cash N Carry ) – The CNC option is like a normal and simple option which is easily understood by beginners. Here you have to pay the full payment and you can carry your shares for the long and long period.
    Example: Now the RELIANCE market price is 1200/share. If you wish to buy 10 shares then you have to pay 12000 for that and you can sell it at any time.
  • What Is MIS ( Margin Intraday Square off ) – The MIS option provides you some leverage or loan to buy some selected script. In this way, you became facing a disadvantage, must sell your shares during the same day (before 3:15 pm). You can’t hold your position when you use MIS.
    As an example: Now the RELIANCE market price is 1200/share. If you wish to buy 10 shares then you have to pay 12000 for that in CNC, but MIS feature provides you 14 times (14x) leverage for the script. Now you can buy 10 shares at the price 1200/14=86 (Approx).
  • What Is SL ( Stop Loss Order ) In Zerodha Kite : SL order is the best feature where you can set up your trade according to price. None of the other options (MKT, LMT, SLM) provide you the best setup.
    As an example, when you follow a strategy like ” I wish to buy RELIANCE on the price 1206″ then what you do? Stuck to your mobile and grazing to the price fluctuation?
    No way, in that situation choose SL option and set your buying price according to your strategy or analysis.

StopLoss order (SL) is much more valuable than your thinking. I recommend you to read my previous article about the importance of Stop Loss. ( at least once a time before your next trading!)

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What Is BO, CO and AMO In Zerodha Trading?

  • What Is Bracket Order ( BO ) : SL order with BO is the deadly combination which you can use only on Zerodha Kite platform. By using this combination you got up to 28x leverage and you can set your Buying price, Target price, Stop Loss price at the same place.
    As an example, when you follow a strategy like ” I wish to buy RELIANCE on the price 1206, sell at 1220, but if the price going down then sell at 1199 to prevent the huge loss” then set the SL and BO which will work automatically for you.
  • What Is Cover Order ( CO ) : Cover Order is nothing but the previous version of BO where you can’t set your target price. I recommend it to use only the situation where you got any news about huge probability to increase a script but you can’t imagine how much, then you can use CO.

Now back to the main topic which was “how to buy a script on Zerodha Kite app?

Steps to Buy a Script in Kite App

  • Step 1: Click on the script which you want to buy and click on the BUY button.
  • Step 2: set CNC or MIS and choose SL
  • Step 3: set Qty (i,e how much quantities you want to buy).
  • Step 4: set PRICE at which you wish to buy the script. (Price & Trigger Price both should be equal for beginners)

How To Sell A Script In Zerodha Kite app?

This is the Second Step to Trade with Zerodha

Selling process and the buying process are same which I already define above. By the way, if you confused about how to sell on Zerodha Kite, here is the steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Click on the script which you want to sell and click on SELL button.
  • Step 2: set CNC or MIS and choose SL
  • Step 3: set Qty (i,e how much quantities you want to sell).
  • Step 4: set PRICE at which you wish to sell the script. (Price & Trigger Price both should be equal for beginners)

Note:- Some of the beginner traders may be assumed that they have to buy a script then wait for setup sell. Don’t do it! Now-a-days, everything is possible which you can imagine. If your analysis suggests you about a script moving down, then you can firstly SELL the script and BUY the same when you got your profit.

Zerodha Money Withdrawal

Zerodha Kite Tutorial - Money Withdrawal To Bank

When you got profit I know you become greedy about money and you use your whole capital into one trade to make maximum profit quickly. Is it right or wrong? Yes! it’s correct!

Each n every trader faced the situation at the beginning time. As result, they are out of the market due to losing the whole capital.

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Now I just advice you to withdraw/transfer your profit weekly to your bank account till the investment never back to your bank account.

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Zerodha Fund Transfer Process

The fund withdraws or fund transfer or money withdraw process is very easy on Zerodha kite platform. Follow these simple steps to withdraw your profit to your bank account:

  • Step 1: Open Kite App
  • Step 2: Click on Menu > Fund > Withdraw
    ( Automatically open ( Q Zerodha ) sometimes you may have to log in here again )
  • Step 3: Click on upper right side MENU icon and choose FUND
    (the First table show your Equity balance and the second table shows you commodity balance )
  • Step 4: Put your required amount into the ‘Request Withdrawal’ box and submit it.

The withdrawal/transfer process takes some time ( 1 or 2 working days ) to be credited into your bank account.

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Check - Zerodha Kite Demo

Go ahead and start trading on your Zerodha Kite App and let me know how this Zerodha trading tutorial effects on your trading life by commenting here!

Best Of Luck!