How I Earn Side-By-Side With Stock Trading

Kanchan Chatterjee is the founder of SKCapitalAnalysis

“In the past I was a chain-intraday-trader. At that time I adicted with Intraday and FNO trading. My profits always bit losses and within 2-3 months I make a huge amount from stock trading.”

Somehow my good luck leave me alone and i feel the reality of stock trading. Within a month i lost 75% of my previous profit through Intraday FNO trading.

Kanchan Chatterjee is the founder of SKCapitalAnalysis
Kanchan Chatterjee is the founder of SKCapitalAnalysis

I realized the risk of intraday trading and decide to stop it! But my needs forced me to earn more. I started to thinking about another way to earn money without any risk.

I started to spend time with my blogs which I already started in the past as a passion.

Kanchan Chatterjee is the founder of SKCapitalAnalysis
Kanchan Chatterjee is the founder of SKCapitalAnalysis

Now I avoid intraday trading and started to invest money for long term. Now I earn more than Rs. 20,000/month from my blogs and invest some amount from it to share market every month.

Here is my last month blogging earning:-

  • Google AdSense – $112
  • Amazon Affiliate – Rs. 6200
  • Hosting affiliate – $260

My running blogs are: SK Capital Analysis, Go Product Review and Computer Veda.

Start Your Own Blog Today and Earn Without Risk to Loose

I know, you have already loose something or everything in stock market trading. If you want to recover, go for blogging, I will help you do it. You can run a single money making blog around with Rs. 5000/year. It’s nothing compare to what you loose in stock trading. Take the risk bro and work hard few months to earn continuously like me.

Blogging sound quite easy and simple, but it not! as you are a beginner, you can start your blog without spending a penny ( some hosting company offers this). But if you want to work for money, don’t go for any kind of free stuff, believe me! I faced the free hosting issue in the past.

My best choice is Bluehost ( I choose it after long-time research ). I have already test Interserver, SiteGroung and HostGator hosting. But they are not satisfied me in few points like Client Support, Bandwidth issue, user interface, etc.

So I stack to Bluehost and I recommend it to my friends. You can use these guides to start your earning by blogging ( be patients, it take some time )