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Hi friends! Myself Kanchan Chatterjee, the Founder & CEO at “SK Capital Analysis”. I have a big thought behind starting www.skcapitalanalysis.com which helps people to grow or improve their thinking about money management, stock investment, and financial freedom. I opened an online stock trading school called “SK Capital Analysis”, where people able to learn about :

  • Stock Trading Tutorial: When I was beginner, I faced some problems regarding stock trading. I searched for how to open an account at Zerodha. I was lucky, nowadays I realize Zerodha is one of the best demat and trading account in India. SK Capital Analysis provides you most of the valuable knowledge regarding share market trading.
    I’m not a registered adviser. I just share my personal point of view ( experience ) and trading knowledge through this stock trading blog.
  • Financial Freedom: Do you know, what is actually called free from money or financial freedom? When you no need to worry about money that’s called financial freedom. If you wish to become a rich person, you have to learn money management. Start to save money from today and invest them to the stock market with a perfect strategy.