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steps to get rich off stocks

6 Steps To Get Rich Off Stocks Without Any Loss

The only way to get rich off stocks and earn consistently from the stock market is to invest in the high quality stocks and hold them for the appropriate period.Check the details of any billionaire equity investor across the world. You will find one thing common to them in the way to get...

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Common Mistakes In Intraday Trading

Only 4 Stock Market Mistakes & You Lost Everything

Meet Mr. X, he had lost around ₹ 10 lacks (₹10,00,000) in the stock market. During the last five years in the stock market, he had applied various techniques, followed many analysts and ended up with a cumulative loss of around ₹ 10 lakh! However, in several instances, he made money, but...

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Types Of Candlestick Patterns Explained With Examples

It’s does not matter how you feel in the past, I am going to list and discuss 9 types of candlestick patterns explained with examples which change your life completely. So that you never depended on any trading company or another person to execute your successful trading. ( Also...

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Welcome To SK Capital Analysis

Hi friends! Myself Kanchan Chatterjee, the Founder & CEO at “SK Capital Analysis”. I have a big thought behind starting which helps people to grow or improve their thinking about money management, stock investment, and financial freedom. I opened an online stock trading school called “SK Capital Analysis”, where people able to learn about :

  • Stock Trading Tutorial: When I was beginner, I faced some problems regarding stock trading. I searched for how to open an account at Zerodha. I was lucky, nowadays I realize Zerodha is one of the best demat and trading account in India. SK Capital Analysis provides you most of the valuable knowledge regarding share market trading.
    I’m not a registered adviser. I just share my personal point of view ( experience ) and trading knowledge through this stock trading blog.
  • Financial Freedom: Do you know, what is actually called free from money or financial freedom? When you no need to worry about money that’s called financial freedom. If you wish to become a rich person, you have to learn money management. Start to save money from today and invest them to the stock market with a perfect strategy.